Welcome to the European Shiatsu School

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The European Shiatsu School has branches across the UK, Poland, Spain, Eire and Greece, with courses ranging from intro' days and weekends to one year Japanese Bodywork courses and 3 year Shiatsu Therapy courses, including intensive residential courses. In addition, we have regular courses in Seated 'On-site' Bodywork, Face-Lift Bodywork and Sotai. Full details of all of these options can be viewed by clicking on courses on the menu to the left.

The UK branches of the European Shiatsu School are fully ratified by the Shiatsu Society (UK) and this means you achieve MRSS membership and automatic entry onto the register of professional shiatsu practitioners after three years of study.

If you require further help or wish to book a course,we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact your local branch directly, you can find your local branch contact details under the Contact ESS menu.

For all General enquiries please contact the Brighton Branch